Cat Cactus

I love this cute cat cactus. It's a wonderfully fun piece and a great gift for cat lovers. 

Nature Face Pot

A majestic image for your indoor or outdoor site. 

I adore facepots and they seem to trending a lot. You can decorate them with commonly used hanging plants like Devils Ivy or String of Pearls.

There are two holes in the back to hook this up to a wall. 

Bulbasaur Pot

I was a huge fan of the Pokemon growing up, so this one caught my eye.

Even if you're not a fan this is such a cute addition to your garden.


Damask Light

I think this lighting beautiful because you have a light that bathes the whole surrounding area in pattern. It makes your garden feel easily elegant and decorated. 

Solar Panelled Sun Light 

I find this to be a beautiful and mystical piece to add to your garden. The sun is obviously a fitting energy for our gardens, and this solar light is not out of place. 

Butterfly Solar Light 

The fact that these are solar powered and occasionally twinkle are quite beautiful. They are a magical accompaniment to any garden.

Firework Solar Light 

These are a show piece and the fact that you can move the arms in any direction means that you can add your own spin to it.


Just like fireworks, they are beautiful to gawk at and a great feature for lighting up your garden in the night sky. 


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