4 Best Indoor Aquaponics System for 2021

Updated: Aug 11

I've tried making my own DIY Aquaponics system and it's hard to source the right parts and put it together correctly, especially if you're like me and are not DIY savvy or too busy.

So, as I was looking for a new one for myself, I've put together a list of the best Indoor Aquaponics systems you can find.

The Best Indoor Aquaponics System

The best indoor aquaponics systems are ones that are small enough to fit in your home, with a decent size to hold the fish.

The siphons and pumps are quiet to allow you some peace, despite running a pretty amazing operation of growing plants and raising fish together.

Indoor aquaponics systems should have a great display to showcase the beauty of raising your fish. It should be easy to use, set up and arrive with everything you need.

It should also last a long time without breaking.

There aren't nearly enough indoor aquaponics systems around as there are Hydroponics systems. But I have scoured Amazon to find which ones are the best from my experience in Aquaponics.

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The 5 Best Indoor Aquaponic Systems are:

  1. Kingro 5 in 1 Indoor Aquaponics System

  2. Lojals Indoor Aquaponics System

  3. Huamuyu Indoor Aquaponics System

  4. AIBIS Indoor Aquaponics System

1. Kingro 5 in 1 Aquaponics with Lighting

This is a great complete and compact system with lighting included. It's ranks number one because it has everything you need to get started and it's large enough to grow a decent amount of vegetables, 20 at a time! And a lot of fish. Plus there aren't many aquaponics kits that come with lighting. It's essential to have lighting for your plants in an indoor aquaponics kit. This one comes with a powerful light.

This is a great larger-scale system for growing up to 20 vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage spinach, and even medicinal or fragrant flowers. you can get multiple harvests by leaving the stem and the root in the system.

It has a timed LED light system so the lighting is fully automated.

You can grow out of season veg and all in the same space giving you a lot of flexibility.

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2. Lojals Indoor Aquaponics System

This is a great compact feature for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. I say this because it comes with a nice decorative effect of changing the colour of the light.

There is a helpful tap for water changing, and this is what I find best, as it's really not an easy task to change fish tank water.

This tap method makes it super easy and convenient, I wish I had seen this version before I got my old fashioned fish tank.

It comes with energy saving colorful LED lights to illuminate your fish. The lighting is soft and doesn't glare.

The planting tray, the fish tank, and the lamp base can be disassembled for cleaning.

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3. Huamuyu Indoor Aquaponics System

This is perfect for beginners to start growing microgreens. It comes with its own seed tray compartment. Filter, sink and siphons, it's simple and easy to set up.

You can sprout multiple types of seeds in the tray, enjoy healthy vegetables for salads, sandwiches, and soups

You can also use it as a hydroponics growing system for plants and flowers.

It has an automatic siphon design, the water level of the tank is tidal-like fluctuation, and the roots of the plants can breathe regularly, no need watering or fertilizing.

A natural oxygen supply cycles in 2 minutes, bringing a natural experience to the fish.

The hydroponic filtration system cycles the dirty water from the tank to the roots of plants, plants use it as nutrients.

So the tank requires 50% fewer cleanings than traditional fish tanks!

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4. AIBSI Aquaponic Fishtank

I like this smaller version of Aquaponics. Its beginner-friendly for those wanting to try out aquaponics without too much commitment. Those who just want small fish and a nice feature for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

It's compatible with most house plants, potted plants, vegetables, flowers, or herbs, perfect for mint, succulents, aloe, lily, and other multi-stem plants.

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