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5 Best Indoor Aquaponics Systems for 2022

Updated: May 13

I've tried making my own DIY Aquaponics system and it's hard to source the right parts and put it together correctly, especially if you're like me and are not DIY savvy or just too busy.

So, as I was looking for a new one for myself, I've put together a list of the best indoor Aquaponics systems you can find.

The Best Indoor Aquaponics Systems

The best indoor aquaponics systems are ones that are small enough to fit in your home, with a decent size to hold the fish and grow a decent amount of vegetables.

The pumps on aquaponics systems tend to be quite powerful, so I was specifically looking for ones where there aren't problems with fish swimming against the filter.

The siphons and pumps should be quiet to allow some peace, despite running a pretty amazing operation of growing plants and raising fish together.

Ideally, it should come with everything you need to get going to start up. Or, at the very least it should be versatile enough to fit with a standard fish tank.

There aren't nearly enough indoor aquaponics systems around as there are hydroponics systems. But I have managed to find pretty decent ones which are the best from my experience in aquaponics.

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The 5 Best Indoor Aquaponic Systems are:

  1. Kingro 5 in 1 Indoor Aquaponics System

  2. Back to Roots Indoor Aquaponics System

  3. Aquasprouts Garden Aquaponics System

  4. Huamuyu Aquaponics System

  5. Ecoconut Aquaponics System

1. Kingro 5 in 1 Aquaponics with Lighting

This is a great complete and compact system with lighting included. It ranks number one because it has everything you need to get started. It's large enough to grow a decent amount of vegetables - 20 at a time! As well as having space for a lot of fish.

Plus there aren't many aquaponics kits that come with lighting. It's essential to have lighting for your plants in an indoor aquaponics kit. This one comes with a powerful light, that make sure your vegetables grow even in poorly lit indoor areas.

With a choice of up to 20 vegetables people use it to grow:

  • Lettuce mixes

  • Vegetables

  • Strawberries

  • Tomatoes

  • Cabbage

  • Spinach

  • Herbs.

  • Edible, medicinal or fragrant flowers

You can get multiple harvests by leaving the stem and the root in the system.

I particularly like the timed LED light system so the lighting is fully automated, you can practically leave the plants to grow on autopilot.

If there is anything negative about this, i'd say to see how your fish adjust to it. See how they are with the filter and adjust if you need to buy a new one. Overall though, this is clearly the best on the market due to practicality, size and sheer convenience.

At the time of writing this cost $159.00

2. Back to Roots Indoor Garden

I like this because it comes with everything you need to get going with aquaponics:

  • Radish and wheatgrass seeds

  • Water conditioner

  • a growing medium for your seeds to take root

  • Water de-chlorinator

  • Fish food

  • A fish coupon to buy some fish

It's beginner-friendly for those wanting to try out aquaponics without too much commitment.

At the time of writing it's about $60 on Amazon. For those who just want small fish and a nice feature for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom can use this. I think it'd make a great gift too.

It's compatible with most house plants, potted plants, vegetables, flowers, or herbs, perfect for mint, succulents, aloe, lily, and other multi-stem plants.

The manufacturers care about your fish too, they've done extensive testing on their pump to make sure it wouldn't suck up fish. As a precaution, make sure your fish aren't sick or weak.

Also, this doesn't come with a heater so if you're growing betta fish then be sure to get that separately.

At the time of writing, this costs $66.93

3. Aquasprouts Garden

I've included this because it is stylish and very versatile as it supports any 10-gallon fish tank. It's relatively cheap given you buy a 10-gallon fish tank at a local store for around $25.

However, lots of people have bought it thinking it comes with a tank and the light. So i've included a list of what it does and doesn't include below.

Does not include: a tank, 2ft light for plants, water heater, or water testing kit.

It does include The black planter, substrate to put in the planter (expanding clay), water pump, hoses, fittings, a timer for the pump, and a light bar (you'll need the 2ft light for the plants).

It has enough space for growing a decent array of plants. Many use it for growing salads, herbs, strawberries, flowers and microgreens.

It is very stylish looking and sits great in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, just as the pictures show.

At the time of writing, this costs $157.95

4. Huamuyu Indoor Aquaponics System

This is perfect for beginners to start growing microgreens. It comes with its own seed tray compartment, filter, sink, and siphons. It comes with instructions and is easy to set up.

You can also use it as a hydroponics growing system for plants and flowers.

It has an automatic siphon design. The water level of the tank is a tidal-like fluctuation, and the roots of the plants can breathe regularly, with no need for watering or fertilizing.

The oxygen supply cycles in 2 minutes giving the fish a more natural experience.

The hydroponic filtration system cycles the dirty water from the tank to the roots of plants, plants use it as nutrients.

So the tank requires 50% fewer cleanings than traditional fish tanks!

Lots of people have no problem growing betta fish or shrimp along with bean sprouts, herbs or microgreens.

Some people also felt that the pump was constantly going and not great for some fish to handle. In that case, you could always buy a timer to regulate the flow.

At the time of writing, this costs $49.50

5. Ecoconut Aquaponics System

This one makes the list because it's perfectly catered to a fun low maintenance aquaponics system that is easy to get started with.

It comes with a unique colour-changing LED light feature makes it different. The colours can be slowly faded over time or you can press to change the colours. It has to be plugged into a USB slot.

It holds 1.45 gallons of water. It's perfect for betta fish and other small fish. Overall it has a lot of positive reviews for the easy set-up, sleek look and is compatible with fish.

At the time of writing, this costs $42.99


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