Is a Water Distiller worth it for plants?

Updated: Aug 17

Is a water distiller worth it? A water distiller is worth it because:

  • it's a healthy regenerative source of water.

  • It mimics rainwater and is the optimum water for your plants.

  • It won't be wasted as it provides pure water for multiple uses such as cooking, cleaning, drinking.

  • It saves you the intensive labor of carrying bottles of water from the store.

  • It creates the perfect pH for the uptake of minerals in plants at 6.5 - 7 pH

Distilled water is regenerative because you can make pure water from any kind of water.

I use it by converting tap water into pure water. If you're really zero waste savvy you could turn greywater sources like bathwater into pure water for plants.

How does a water distiller work?

Distilled water is 100% pure water because it's the collection of steam droplets.

When water is heated, toxins, minerals, pesticides can't convert into steam so they stay behind in the chamber, while the water evaporates into steam, leaving behind all impurities.

This means that all the impurities of the water remain in the distiller chamber leaving it looking brown and murky after just a couple of weeks' use.

Distilled water is the same as rainwater that falls from the sky without touching anything except your container. Water rises up to the sky and falls back down as rain. The same thing is achieved in the distiller. As water is heated, it separates from impurities and the drops are collected in your container.

There are some concerns about heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that end up in tap water or sometimes bottled water. Distilled water means that you're not drinking anything you don't want except water.

The total number of dissolvable particles in the water from the distiller is 0-5.

Compare that with tap water that is in excess of 300 dissolvable particles.

Why is distilled water best for plants?

Distilled water is the purest form of water you can find because it's practically rainwater. It's the collection of steam droplets and has no other particles in it.

Distilled water has a ph of 6.5-7. This happens to be the perfect pH for the uptake of minerals in soil. See the below chart:

The anti-microbial additives in tap water have the potential to kill the microbes in the garden. Using distilled water for plants eliminates potential metals, chlorine, and chemicals making it safer for plants.

Common questions

How to make distilled water for plants?

Pour tap water into a distiller. After 3-4 hours you'll have 4 liters of pure water.

Will distilled water kill plants?

Absolutely not, otherwise all my plants would be dead, resurrected, and dead again. Distilled water is pure h2O, essentially what plants are designed to thrive on.

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