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  • Naomi Stephens | Permaculture Designer

Spiritual | Inner Completeness in a Physically Dominated World

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

True mastery of this physical world is not to acquire possessions, but to master the inner self, in the possession filled world.

We are all searching for things that will make us feel complete. Believing things like, If I just get that degree, that business, that item. Then I will be complete. You might not call it the word complete, you might call it happiness or success.

Sometimes we have an idea, a true moment of inspiration where we just receive a thought that came from our inner being. Most of us instantly abandon that seed and look for concrete verification in the physical world. We might search the idea on the internet to see if it's trending, popular or even worse we might ask people, who depending on their perspective, can skew your mindset. In doing so, we abandon our inner being in search of a sense of completeness in the physical world.

I've spent years reading spiritual knowledge from all ages and different cultures, they all say the same things in different words. They all advise; one has to master the inner self in spite of the many distractions in the physical world.

Rudolf Steiner encapsulates this perfectly in his book published in 1944, he wrote:

The waves of outward life press in upon the inner man from all sides, if, instead of mastering this outward life, he is mastered by it. Such a man is like a plant which tries to expand in a cleft in the rock, and is stunted in its growth, until new space is given it. No outward forces can supply space to the inner man. It can only be supplied by the inner calm which man himself gives to his soul. Outward circumstances can only alter the course of his outward life; they can never awaken the inner spiritual man. The student must himself give birth to a new and higher man within him.

- Rudolf Steiner, How to Know Higher Worlds a Classical Guide to the Spiritual Journey.

How is this possible? Well, our brain and our heart listen to us and reacts to what we think. When we tell ourselves that we are not complete until we reach this milestone we have set for ourselves, then our brains and our hearts and even the universe responds. A child can feel complete without possessions because a child doesn't run the same rhetoric that we do about needing to achieve things.

So, I steal a quiet moment and make a point to reverse the teachings of man that are indirectly displayed throughout society. I tell myself, in as many thoughts I can think of, I am a fractal of source energy (or God whatever you may call it) and I am complete. I allow the feelings of completeness to transfer throughout my whole body and dwell in that feeling for as long as possible.

The great thing about the law of attraction is that once you think a thought like this, another one follows just like it and it's easier to build momentum of positive thoughts, which then become feelings on the scale of atleast contentment and satisfaction with the present. You, of course, have to do the mental work in maintaining it, in spite of what goes on in your physical life.


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