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Product Title: Urban Gardener's "Welcome to My Garden" Doormat


Infuse your urban apartment with a touch of nature-inspired style with our Urban Gardener's "Welcome to My Garden" Doormat. This mat is an ideal accessory for permaculture enthusiasts, gardeners, mushroom growers, and nature lovers living in urban areas with limited garden spaces.


Our doormats measure 26”x18”, fitting perfectly at your entryway. They feature a felt-like polyester front and a foam rubber backing, ensuring your floor is protected while reducing the risk of slipping.


The doormat is adorned with a vibrant, detailed design, printed using a permanent sublimation process. This ensures that the charm of the mat remains intact, welcoming you and your guests with its unique character every day.


Every feature of this product is designed with care:


  • Size: 26”x18” - perfect for any entryway.
  • Material: Felt-like polyester front and foam rubber backing for floor protection and slip reduction.
  • Design: Printed using a permanent sublimation process for a vibrant, detailed design.
  • Origin: Proudly printed and shipped from the USA.


Apartment Gardener's "Home Sweet Apartment" Doormat

  • 1-3 business days

  • 4-7 Business days United States

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