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Bring the power of sunlight right into your apartment with our Urban Gardener's Spectrum LED Grow Light. This product is perfect for urban residents with a love for gardening and limited space.


Our Spectrum LED Grow Light comes in two convenient options - with two or four flexible goosenecks. These options solve the rigidity issue of traditional hanging growth lights, providing wider coverage and flexibility. Depending on the number of plants and the area you want to cover, you can choose between two or four goosenecks.


The light replicates the natural sunlight required by plants. It's equipped with three color modes (Red Light, Blue Light & Mixed Light) and nine adjustable brightness settings, ranging from 20% to 100%. This feature effectively supplements the absence of natural sunlight, fostering growth at all stages of your plants' life cycle.


Our grow light also features an intelligent timing function and high-quality LED circuits. The smart timer allows automatic turn on/off according to your settings, taking good care of your plants even when you're away. The LED bulbs, made from aviation-grade aluminum heat conductive material, ensure over 50,000 hours of use without flickering, melting, or burning.


The 360-degree adjustable goosenecks allow easy angle and distance control between the lamp and your plants. Powered by USB or AC Power Plug, this grow light is portable and convenient to use anywhere in your home or office.




  • Auto turn-on and off-timing function
  • Red and blue LED combination
  • Nine dimmable modes
  • Three cycle timing modes
  • Ideal for indoor potted plants or indoor gardens
  • Two or Four gooseneck options based on your needs
  • Powered by USB or outlet adapter (adapter not included)

Embrace urban gardening and nurture your indoor garden with our Urban Gardener's Spectrum LED Grow Light. Make your green thumb dreams come true today!


Urban Gardener's Spectrum Indoor Essential LED Grow Light

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