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Embrace your love for apartment permaculture and fungal fascination with our exquisite, handmade Mushroom Motif Mug.


This large-capacity mug, boasting a generous 450ML size, is adorned with a unique mushroom pattern, reflecting the urban mycologist in you.


Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, this mug offers excellent heat insulation, ensuring your favourite brew stays warm while you tend to your indoor garden or mushroom colony. The comfortable handle ensures a secure grip, making your sipping experience all the more pleasant.


This Mushroom Motif Mug is more than just a drinking vessel; it's a nod to your commitment to urban sustainability and your passion for gardening and mycology. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea with a touch of nature's charm right in your apartment.



Handcrafted Fungi Motif Mug

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