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Product Description: Urban Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Grow Kit


Cultivate your own organic Lion's Mane mushrooms right in your apartment with our compact grow kit. It's perfect for urban permaculture enthusiasts and those passionate about homegrown food, even in small spaces.


Our kit is packed with 6.5lbs of certified organic mushroom mycelium, capable of yielding over 3 pounds of fresh Lion's Mane mushrooms across multiple harvests. In just 7-14 days, watch as your mini mushroom farm comes to life.


The kit includes a misting bottle, a humidity dome, and step-by-step directions, all conveniently packaged within the box.


How It Works: Our grow kit is designed for simplicity and efficiency. The box contains a block of mushroom mycelium, instructions, a humidity dome, and a misting bottle. To kickstart your mushroom growth, simply remove the circular cutout from the box, make an "X" incision in the plastic underneath, and establish a moist environment around the cut.


You can create this environment using the included plant-based plastic humidity dome and misting bottle, or place a humidifier nearby for a more effortless approach. Within a week, you'll start seeing the first signs of growth. By the second week, you'll be ready to harvest your first crop of Lion's Mane mushrooms!


We promise at least one crop from each kit but, with proper care, you can expect multiple harvests. After the initial yield, replace the humidity dome and maintain a moist environment for continuous growth.


Storage: Upon receiving your kit, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks or two weeks at room temperature.


Cooking Your Harvest: Lion's Mane mushrooms are delicious and versatile. We love them sautéed in butter or olive oil, deglazed with a splash of white wine or sherry, and seasoned with sea salt. Cook until they're crispy around the edges for a delightful texture and flavor.


Substrate Ingredients: Our grow kits are environmentally friendly, made from a mix of hardwood sawdust and organic soybean hulls. They also contain a small amount of grain spawn which may include millet, rye, or sorghum.


Get started on your urban mushroom farming journey today with our Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Grow Kit. Happy growing!


Urban Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

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