Ideas that make us regenerative in an apartment.

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Small Garden IDEAS


Hi, thanks for stopping by...


I'm Naomi Stephens, navy wife, formerly a personal injury lawyer and now I'm an accredited permaculture designer. 

I work with clients in the city of London to create their small space gardens.  


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What is a Permaculture Apartment?

A Permaculture Apartment is a complete cycle of natural elements in an urban setting.


This blog is about ideas that make us regenerative and empowered in an apartment.


Small garden Ideas & Hacks

Picture of Naomi Stephens who is a permaculture designer and owner of Small Gardening Hub

About Me

I'm Naomi Stephens, navy wife, formerly a personal injury lawyer and now I'm an accredited permaculture designer. I work with clients in the city of London to create their small space gardens.  


I specialise in small spaces because there is a plethora of information on how to garden if you have a decent outdoor space, there is not enough information for the many of us who live in apartments with or without sufficient outdoor space. I have been in all these situations and now I'm using my experience to help others.


I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2020 with Permaculture Kernow. Permaculture is a sustainable landscape design specifically based on ecological principles.  Permaculture caters typically to people who have land acreage. I decided to specialise my designs on small space gardening making this aspect of permaculture accessible to those of us with smaller spaces. I'm still learning and committed to being an expert in this topic.

If you would like a consultation on gardening in your small space or permaculture then I would love to help. Click below to contact me. 


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