What is a Permaculture Apartment?

Updated: Feb 16

A Permaculture Apartment is simply a smaller scale version of permaculture that focuses on people who live in cities with limited space. It takes into account the fact we can't have large animals, collect rainwater or grow in a vast outdoor space.

Instead, we focus on indoor or balcony gardens for edible food that utilise vertical techniques and other space maximising techniques.

Permaculture Apartment design zoning system is not based on distance but based on sunlight availability. See Permaculture Apartment Design Zoning System Resource here.

Permaculture Apartments focuses on topics like:

A girl holding a clump of soil in her hands with a purple flower in it.

What are the benefits of Permaculture in an Apartment?

Adopting permaculture principles will save you money by being able to source stuff completely, or mostly by yourself.

You'll reduce your footprint because you're going to be recycling some or all of your waste.

You're going to be eating your homegrown food, chemically free!

What are the downsides of Apartment Permaculture?

Your methods depend on what you can do in your apartment that won't affect your lease agreement. It also depends on how much you want to commit to a regenerative project.

And situational things like:

  • How big is your apartment is

  • What direction you're facing?

  • Whether you can have pets, solar panels, or the ability to catch rainwater.

Being 100% sustainable in the city is ambitious. It's likely that you'll still rely on the grid for some things.

For an overview of what permaculture is, have a look at this 5-minute video about what permaculture is by Our Changing Climate.

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