DIY | How To Make Wall Plant Islands

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

These are a lovely feature on your walls, use them to decorate and grow plants at the same time.

This is an easy to follow guide with no hard tools required,

Plant air canisters on a wall with succulents inside

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Grab a baking dish and acetate,

  2. Superglue the acetate to the baking dish,

  3. Fill with sand and gravel - these are just for decoration, air plants don't need this to grow.

  4. Add air plants - see examples below

  5. Stick velcro on the back of the canister and stick it to a wall

air plant canister baking tray with acetate and superglue
diy air plant canisters with a person using a spoon to put gravel inside
A person sticking a velcro on the back of a air plant canister cake tin

How to Care for Wall Plant Islands

You want to make sure you use air plants such as:

Tillandsia bulbosa,

Tillandsia caput medusae,

Tillandsia ionantha,

Tillandsia pruniosa,

Tillandsia streptophylla.

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Air plants absorb water through their leaves, so you'll need to mist the leaves with a spray bottle 2/3 times a week and add liquid fertiliser to the spray bottle.

Once a month, give the plants a full soak by dipping them in water for a little while. If you would like to buy a pre-made one from Wish then click here.

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