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4 Best Indoor Hydroponics Systems

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The best hydroponic kits are ones that are compact, easy to use, and have everything you need like lighting on a timer, with optional light modes and height adjustment. It should be a sleek design and should be small enough to fit on your dining table or as a feature in the corner of your living room without taking up too much space.

The Best Indoor Hydroponics Systems:

  1. iDOO Indoor hydroponics system

  2. Grobo Start

  3. Aero Garden Sprout hydroponic system

  4. Wisremt hydroponics system

1. iDOO Indoor Aquaponics Kit 12 Pods

iDOO Indoor Aquaponics Kit 12 Pods is currently the best seller on amazon with amazing reviews.

It's a great size for sitting in your living room with a sleek design. It has specific modes for growing vegetables or fruits.

Blue lights are best for leaves and red are best for fruits or flowers, you have the option to switch between which kind of light you'd like.

This is a great feature because most grow lights, like the one I use, just have one mode, but with this, you can optimize for better growing.

It also has a timer function so it's automated and you don't have to worry about switching the light on every day.

It has an adjustable height for the light, which is so important because you want to get the best distance for your plant otherwise they could lean towards the light and become thin and leggy.

They've clearly thought about everything and it's by far the best option for having a decent indoor sized hydroponics system,

See current price below on Amazon

2. Grobo Start

The Grobo Start is a well-known brand in the hydroponics world for being the #1 bestsellers of hydroponics equipment.

Their Grobo Start product is a pinpointed growing operation. It helps you to grow herbs from seeds and track your progress using phone apps, for nutrient reminders.

You can start planting by planting into the Peat Pods using the included tweezers.

Then cover each pod with a humidity dome and watch the condensation form as your seeds come to life.

It features:

  • Two light cycles

  • Adjustable LED light height

  • Easy to fill and clean water tank

  • Humidity domes for better germination

  • Start up to 3 seeds at once

  • Educational push notifications

3. AeroGarden Sprout - Black Indoor Garden

Unlike the others, this hydroponics system comes with 3 herb seeds, plus a bottle of plant nutrients to get you started.

Plants can be grown in the system up to 10" high.

It has an electronic feature that signals when to add water or plant nutrients. It's the best option for those of us who are busy and are likely to lose track of things.

It comes with a full spectrum 10-watt LED high-efficiency grow light system.

See current price below

4. WISREMT Hydroponics Growing System

Grow up to 10 plants up 12.6 inches high with this medium-sized hydroponics system.

This hydroponics system has a specialized V type water-adding device that prevents spillage, which is usually inevitable with these kinds of devices.

The LED light can be adjusted so you can bring it up as the plants grow.

The lighting is automatic meaning you won't have to worry about the light being regulated properly. It is set to 12 hours on and 12 off, which is the timings I use for my indoor plants and I find it perfect for growth.

These have an 18 watt LED light, that very nicely lets you change between red optimum light for fruits/flowers and blue optimum light for vegetables.

It comes with 10 growing sponges and 10 growing baskets.


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