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  • Naomi Stephens | Permaculture Designer

The best water faucet filters for plants | Plus a free water testing kit for readers.

Let's face it, tap water is readily available and would be the easiest thing to use for plants.

But, using tap water for plants without any filtration can cause long term issues for plants.

For example:

  • Tap water has chlorine which is used by the authorities to kill harmful micro-organisms. Unfortunately, chlorine can harm your plants too.

  • Also, tap water is usually classified as 'hard water' which is a type of water that has too many minerals in it such as excess calcium and magnesium. This excessive amount of minerals is dangerous for plants.

  • Using tap water frequently may leave a build-up of hard salts and minerals as residue on your plants over time, thereby, stunting their growth. Using tap water leaves visible damage such as hard water stains.

So ultimately, we don't want to use tap water straight from the tap, we'd need to filter it so that we aren't damaging plants over time.

It's also much more sustainable than buying bottled water as you're not spending money and you're not adding to the plastic problem.

If you're going to get a filter it's probably best to get a filter addition on your tap, you don't have to get someone to come in and install it for you, it's easy enough to fit on yourself.

Have a look at the diagram below to see how it works

A. Turn a knob to get filtered or unfiltered water.

B. Filtered water comes out from the bottom of the unit.

C. Unfiltered water flows through your kitchen faucet.

Crystal Quest Water Filter Faucet sells the exact type of water filter perfect for fitting to taps and filling up a watering can.

Unlike most water filters, the Crystal Quest is one of the leading brands because it has 5 stages of filtration. It filters out chlorine, bad tastes, odours and hundreds of contaminants from water.

At the time of writing it costs $39.95. Click below to see the product at Water Filter

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System

This filters out 99% of lead, benzene, asbestos, particulates and more.

I used an ordinary faucet filter in the past for my shower and I found myself guessing when to replace the filter, I honestly had no idea.

I like that the Brita Basic Faucet Filter has an indicator that tells you when it needs to be replaced. It's such a helpful feature because it saves you from replacing the filter too late or too early.

This filter needs to be replaced every 100 gallons, which is approximately every 4 months, depending on how often you use it. If you use your faucet on low pressure then you'd see more use out of your filter.

Some people found this product difficult to install, when installed improperly the filter will pop out of the faucet causing leaking problems.

If this happens it's advised to take the whole thing off and install it again ensuring that it's fitted on tightly.

Also, it shouldn't be used when the faucet is on high pressure. The filter works best when it is on low to medium pressure, this avoids the problems of the filter popping out of the faucet as mentioned above.

Overall, lots of users who used this noticed the smell and taste of bad tap water disappearing immediately once the filter is used. It's highly effective for getting clean water for plants and for drinking.

PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

The Pur Plus is another highly respected filtration system on the market. It costs slightly more than the Brita Basic Filter above as it removes 10 times more contaminants than Brita Water's leading pitcher filter.

This filter removes 70 contaminants from water as well as some pesticides, this great because pesticides are particularly harmful to the growth of plants. Notably, it removes mercury which is not said to be filtered from the Brita Filter Faucet above.

The Pur Plus has an indicator light that tells you when the filter needs to be replaced. The filters are good for 100 gallons of water, this is approximately 4 months' worth of water.

Most people found that it does need to be screwed on very tightly otherwise it tends to leak.

But overall people were satisfied with the taste and smell of water after using the filter.

This product is suitable for watering plants as it removes most of the harmful contaminants that would harm plants.

FREE Testing Kit

Screenshot of form to fill for free water test

If you're concerned about the water you're using, then I've partnered up with to provide you with a FREE water testing kit.

This is for US only, all you need to do is complete this form on their website. I've taken a screenshot of the form.

This free test includes strips for pH, Alkalinity, Hardness and Chlorine.

Simply dip the test strips in water and read the results.


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