This is why small space gardening makes you a better version of yourself

Updated: Jun 24

My blog is dedicated to small space gardeners like myself for a reason.

For those of us who are living in city blocks with small spaces and yet still choosing to bring a piece of nature into the building, well I for one salute you. It is an act that is insignificant to most, but to me, the small act is a humble step in making you the better version of your self. Here’s why

You are more likely to be at peace

There is a timeless peace of mind when we are checking on our garden or watering our plants. If your lucky enough to see them while your lounging, it’s so easy to glance at them and admire their beauty. We watch them move around, make new luscious green shoots and think. The absence of troubling thoughts helps bring peace and what plants do.

Recent statistics and studies have confirmed this, The National Garden Scheme conducted a survey on the effects of gardening during the lockdown, need I say the results where a great confirmation of peace gardening can give during chaos.

100% of the small space gardeners in this study, having balconies or window boxes, said ‘ a key benefit was a reduction in stress. See the full article here

You are the living semblance of the weed growing defiantly growing out of the concrete

I always silently cheered for the ‘weed’ growing through the pavement cracks. Nature overpowers even the most vigorous attempts to suppress its persistent efforts to thrive.

As we move into urban cities much of nature has been sealed beneath the pavements.

We do ourselves a great service by allowing nature to grow in our homes. Like our oxygen is cleaner, thanks to plants filtering the air for us.

We also have fresh organic real living produce to eat whether it's a full-blown salad we've grown or kitchen herbs added to a dish.

You are nurturing

Similar to being a parent you are taking care of your plant's needs. The plants we grow indoors are heavily reliant on us for survival. Its a responsibility and by doing this you extend your nurturing side to our green friends.

You are organised

If all of your plants aren’t dead then give yourself credit for being organised, even if you wouldn’t normally say you are. Plants require your consistent care to keep them alive, whilst this doesn’t have to be a strict routine of watering at the same time every day, even if we miss it sometimes, thankfully plants are forgiving.

On a final note, let me share my favourite quote. I'm not sure who said it, if you know it, then comment below.

“The further you are from nature the harder you have to work”