Video Update | How I turned Food Scraps into Soil with Bokashi Bin Compost

Updated: Jul 8

I'm very excited to bring you this video update. Around 6 months ago I bought a bokashi bin with the hope of achieving zero waste in my apartment and secondly to make my own rich soil at home. I wanted to show that it's possible to make compost at home in a small space.

Turning food scraps into soil with bokashi bin compost

I did a lot of research on this and wrote a detailed article on:

Video Update | How I turned Food Scraps into Soil with Bokashi Bin Compost | Small Apartment17 Benefits of Bokashi Bin Composting in your Apartment.

I also wrote about what bokashi is and the bran so you could click below to see the article.

What's Bokashi Bran? | The Most Efficient Apartment Composting Method

5 months ago in Feburary, I wrote an article on how it was going. The bokashi bin was filled to the top when it was done. All the food you see in those pictures went into this potato bag makeshift composter.

Bokashi Update | Convenience, Smell, Fertiliser and Tips

It worked! Click below on my video to see how it turned out.

I used:

  • a potato growing bag

  • Bokashi mix

  • leftover potting mix

I left this mixture to brew for 3 months.

It did smell at first, but when I came back to it 3 months later there was no smell at all.

Click the link to see the bokashi bin I bought on Amazon

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