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Choetsu - A new coating that turns paper into plastic-like material that will degrade over time

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Professor Zenji Hiroi, a professor at Tokyo University has created a coating that will give paper the same properties as plastic.

  • He created Choetsu, which is a coating made up of materials that make paper waterproof by forming a strong rubber-like film.

  • The coating is made up of: methyltrimethoxysilane, some isopropyl alcohol, and tetra isopropyl titanate.

  • Plastic is a very unsustainable product to have in our environment. If we put our minds to it, plastic can be avoided and we can use other biodegradable products for everyday use items like plastic bags that make up a large quantity of environmental pollution.

"Choetsu is a combination of materials which, when applied to paper, spontaneously generate a strong and waterproof film when it makes contact with moisture in the air."
"All of the chemicals involved in the coating break down over time into harmless things such as carbon, water and sandlike silicon."

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