Indoor Grow Lights for Small Space Gardeners | Recommended and Not Recommended lights

Updated: Jun 24

I've put together an easy-to-understand guide on what grow lights to use for a small space. If you're growing indoors then grow lights are a must-have for helping you grow all year round. I grow summer vegetables successfully in winter and I have success with all my plants that are grown under lights (of course I make my own fertiliser which helps too).

My grow lights in actions, see below for the ones I buy.

What grow lights do I need to grow a few plants at home?

Not recommended:

If you're growing about a handful of plants you might be tempted to use regular household lights like halogen or incandescent lights. There are the regular light bulbs that you find in almost any home.

These aren't recommended because they aren't energy efficient. Incandescent and halogen lights use more energy than other grow lights for the same energy output. It is produces too much heat for plants. The leaves will turn an orangy-red and will grow holes if they are placed to close to a warm grow light.

Try placing your hand under the light to test the warmth. If your hand gets warm its too hot for the plants as they'll be sitting under the light for 6-12 hours depending on your setting. If you are going to use the house bulbs place them at a safe distance from your plants.


What I do recommend are LED grow lights. These are the ones I have in the picture above.

LED lights are the best for indoor gardening because they last longer, require less energy per output and emit a very low heat.

In recent years these lights have gotten cheaper due to demand. I normally see them as reading lights or desk lights. These are good for growing plants. But, it's best to get the specific plant grow lights, because of the timers that are just amazing.

You simply set how long you want the light stay on, there are normally 3 settings 6, 8, or 12 hours, and this light will switch on and off at the same time each day.

The heads are fully manoeuvrable so you can move them to get the right position for your plants.

I highly recommend these ones, I've bought 3 sets of them so far, they are really powerful and grow luscious plants without fail. They can be slightly warm so make sure you live a minimum of about 2-3 inches of space between your plants and the light:

It was around £30 when I bought it but, check prices on amazon by clicking here.

I've also bought these that are also good. They're great because they have 4 heads instead of 3 and they are slightly cooler than the ones above, but not as powerful.

This was also around £30 at the time, but please check the updated prices on Amazon by clicking here

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