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Life Update - What's next for Permaculture Apartment

Updated: May 15, 2022

There are lots of changes in store this year. I have a couple of updates to share!

To begin with, I am pregnant with my first child. This explains why I have been away from here for so long as the first trimester has been very rough on me.

But this is giving me a whole new perspective on how to be permaculture-minded while nursing a baby. I look forward to sharing all the ways I intend to go about being sustainable with potentially zero waste when taking care of a baby.

Furthermore, I'm moving to a new country! My husband is being deployed to a tropical Island and for the first time, I get to go along with him.

This is great news for me for many reasons. I don't know if you've noticed, but I have had to restart my Permaculture Apartment growing every 3 to 4 months because I always have to visit him every time I get the chance to. This has limited how far I have been able to go with my projects.

For example, I had to give up on aquaponics and growing food. The only thing I've been able to maintain while I'm gone for months at a time is my worm farm and composting experiments. Like how I turned food scraps into compost in my apartment after 3 months using bokashi composting.

Once I arrive at my new destination, I'm going to continue sharing ways of being sustainable in small areas. Here are a few of my plans for now:

  • I'll be doing balcony, patio and backyard gardening.

  • I'll use bokashi compost and start composting with a rotating compost bin.

  • I hope to continue worm farming, as long as I can find some worms to start with over there.

  • I'll be growing fish and plants together in an aquaponics system.

  • I'll be starting a simple rainwater catchment system with some large barrels and netting.

  • Fermenting and canning, stocking up a pantry cupboard with preserves from the garden

  • Lots more on mushrooms growing and a video on my latest at-home batch is coming out soon.

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Thanks for following. I'm glad that I get to share this journey with you.