DIY | How To Make a Table Top Mini Pond in 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

This is a unique addition to your small garden. It’s easy enough to make this with children and you can decorate and customise it in many different ways.

Here is an easy to understand guide on how to make a Tabletop Mini Pond with just a few ingredients. I've included amazon links below, ones that I have already bought, you may, of course, have some of these things laying around in your house. These are the pictures of mini I made.

mini table top pond


  1. Fill a clear bowl with gravel and shells.

  2. Dig in the Dwarf Hair Grass in a smaller bowl and add the Dutch Rush and Hornwort into the main bowl. Wedge them in the gravel so that they sit upright,

  3. Add rainwater or distilled water.

Mini table top pond


Try not to place the bowl in direct sunlight as it could turn green, it needs only 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.

You could add a slow-release fertiliser pellet or a liquid fertiliser. Just be aware that coloured fertilisers will also discolour the water.

Material list:

mini table top pond with sunlight shining on it

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