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How to Make Nettle Tea Fertiliser | Ready in just 20mins | Nettle Compost Tea

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I'm hoping to create a more natural environment for growing food in my apartment garden. So I figured, making fertilizer with nettles would be a great idea.

Why nettles? Well, nettles are dynamic accumulators, which means they are nutrient and mineral gatherers in soil.

They acquire nutrients and minerals and re-distribute them in the ground when they decompose.

This is what happens in a natural environment and it increases the fertility of the soil. That's why nettles are a great choice for nettle compost tea.

Nettles contain:









How to Make Nettle Fertilizer:

1. Soak the nettles in hot water for about 20 minutes and add to plants by diluting this 1:10.

2. For more effective methods, you could soak them overnight and dilute 1:20

Nettles are a common weed especially in the UK, meaning you could harvest them on your walks in parks or woods. You'll need rubber gloves as they can sting.

Because they are considered weeds, you can buy them for really cheap and grow them yourself. They are quite hardy and resilient growers even in containers.

You can buy Nettle seeds cheaply on Amazon. In the past I got 2000 seeds for £2.50.

Or check out SeedsNow for their supply of open-pollinated, non-hybridized, NON-GMO Seeds.

Personally, I grow nettle and drink a lot of nettle tea. I figured I could use the leftovers to make fertiliser. This helps with my zero waste and re-use goals.


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