4 Off Grid Items You Can Use In a City Apartment

Updated: Jul 5

Becoming less reliant on the grid is both mentally rewarding and self-empowering. It will also reflect on your electricity bills!

I have found some off-grid items that can be swapped for household appliances or that can be a great addition even while living in a city apartment.

1. Manual Washing Machine

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I think this is great if you just have a few things to wash. You can wash a small number of things you need, instead of waiting till you have enough dirty clothes to justify using an energy intensive washing machine. You'll also get a work out too!

2. Manual Food Processor/ Chopper

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I love my food processor but I'd be willing to go to a manual one, even with the extra effort. Luckily there are devices that make it easier to chop by just a single action of turning.

3. Solar light bulbs

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I use this right now to provide additional sunlight to my veggies growing on my balcony garden. I can't plug my grow lights out there so this was a great help during winter.

You could use them as a night light, or they detach from the wire and can be used as a torch.

4. Bokashi Bin

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This is an airtight bin that you keep on your kitchen counter and add food scraps to it.

It will give you a liquid fertiliser and it can also turn into compost. Stay tuned as I'll be posting a video of this soon! For now, you can read my articles on it here

I hope you found this useful to give you some ideas as to what things you can use to become less reliant on the grid. Let me know if you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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