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6 Easy Edible Plants to Grow in a Windy Balcony Garden

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The conditions of growing on a balcony are vastly different from growing in a normal yard. It’s most likely to be more windy and colder.

In order to increase your chance of success, I recommend you plant hardy, wind-resistant vegetables that, where possible, tend to love soils to be on the dryer side.

The plants suited to a windy balcony garden are:

1. Fennel

2. Oregano

3. Rocket/Arugula

4. Thyme

5. Carrots

6. Leeks

Five plants in terracotta plant pots with chives, sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary


Fennel is a great plant that can tolerate the windy nature of a balcony. It can also tolerate frost so it’s a reliable plant during the wintertime.

Fennel planted in a container, besides a window

It can handle dry soil or drought, so if you forget to water, it’ll be forgiving.

This plant stays green all year round, so I recommend you keep it where it can catch at least some sunshine.

The leaves can be dried and used as a natural insect repellant.


Oregano is perfect for a balcony due to its woody stem and it handles strong winds well.

Oregano planted in a container and placed on a shelf in a silver tray

As with most plants, it’s best to start them indoors first as seedlings can be a little fragile.

It’s adaptable so it'll grow even in low nutrient-dense soil.

You can place this plant in a semi-shaded area.

It's a known ant repellent and growing it next to other vegetables in your edible balcony garden is ideal because it repels insects with the smell.


Placing rocket is a great option as it prefers dry soils. It is wind resistant and it's suitable for balcony container gardening.

It’s a vegetable that prefers sunny areas, however, it can still tolerate frost.

It's known as Arugula in the US.

It’s great on pizzas, pesto’s, hummus or in a mixed salad.


If you have a small space balcony garden with a sunny spot then Thyme would be a good choice to fill that spot.

Close up picture of Thyme

It can tolerate dry soil, wind and frost. It’s quite easy to grow as it also tolerates low nutrient-dense soil.

This is why I recommend it as an easy herb to start within an edible balcony.

Both the flowers and leaves are edible, it can be soaked and drank as a tea.

If you put it in a spray bottle with some water then it will be a fungicide and a repellent. It's been known to deter cabbage root fly.


Carrots planted in 5 large plant pots

Carrot as a root vegetable is perfectly capable of growing in a container on your balcony.

It’s a great summer or winter vegetable as it can tolerate frost.

It can handle strong winds too. It prefers moist soil so keep your eye on this one.


Leeks can handle a well-drained or moist soil.

Leek planted in a raised bed

It doesn't grow as fast as say radishes, but be sure to place leeks on a sunlit part of your balcony.

They add a great depth of flavour to soups and stews or add it to a salad.


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