My Positive Experience Permaculture Course (PDC) with Permaculture Kernow

Updated: Aug 11


I couldn't believe that even though it was a remote course it was packed with a lot of information that taught me so much about every aspect of Permaculture.

So much that it inspired me to start this website and continue sharing my journey to be regenerative in my own apartment and help others.

I left with confidence in practicing permaculture, continued support if needed, as well as access to the materials provided during the course.

More importantly, it was so much fun! I can honestly say that I looked forward to those lessons every week and I was sad after it ended. The students were fun to work with and my teacher, Joshua Gomez, was excellently balanced at entertaining and getting the information across at a followable pace.

In fact, I started this website as a result of a thought-provoking assignment set during the course.

We were asked to think of a dragon dream, which is something that you wanted to do, to help yourself, others, and the world. That way the whole world is rooting for you.

I've recommended the course to my family and friends and if you're looking for a well-rounded, affordable, remote permaculture course, I think you should go with Permaculture Kernow.

Here is a link to check out their website: