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5 Best Ways to Start Going Plastic free in the City

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I've decided to do my best to go 100% plastic-free.

For a few reasons, firstly, 85% of plastics end up in landfills and it takes 1000 years to decompose.

That's crazy when you think about the fact newly made plastic made today is going to decompose in 3021!

Plastics heavily affect our sea life. The toxic chemical BPA actually impedes the fetal growth of sea life species. And microplastics end up in our waterways harming everything that inhabits that water and us when we use it.

I recently found out that the BPA in plastics can contribute to estrogen dominance which is a hormonal imbalance in humans. This was perfectly explained by Barbara O'Neil see her video in the sources at the bottom of this article.

There are many reasons to go plastic-free, but these are just a few that struck me.

In a city, it's undoubtedly harder to avoid plastics as its everywhere.

So I'm redesigning my life to avoid it as much as possible and here's how.

1. Farmers market for plastic free food.

Farmers market produce
My Farmers Market Haul from Islington Farmers Market 4th July 2021

Most farmer's markets ask that you bring your own bag, which is a great way of encouraging plastic free shopping. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables come without plastic too.

Also, I completely forgot what it's like to haggle and have great conversations with shopkeepers. It wasn't just like going grocery shopping it was a really fun experience.

2. Plastic Free Shopping bag - Fabric Bags

I tried wearing a backpack every time I went to the store but I didn't have enough space in my backpack and sadly I almost always needed an extra bag to carry my food home. Plus carrying backpacks are heavy!

Then I found this:

I totally love this trolley bag, it's going to be a present for all my aunties.

I wanted a trolley to carry around that didn't look old but stylish.

I went to the farmers market with it in the handbag position and let it transform into the wheeled version, to the amazement of the shopkeeper, once my bag was too heavy.