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What is a Permaculture Apartment?
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Permaculture Apartment is a lifestyle that individuals can adopt to be less reliant on unsustainable larger-scale methods, despite living in a city or in a home with limited or no outdoor space.


It’s not just about gardening, it’s about zero-wasting, using less on the grid electricity, water, and consumption of fossil fuels.


With the longer term aim of growing their own food, buying from local farms, and reducing the need for harmful large commercial operations.

Small garden Ideas & Hacks

Picture of Naomi Stephens who is a permaculture designer and owner of Small Gardening Hub

About Me

Hi i'm Naomi Stephens, a certified permaculture designer.


After completing a permaculture design course in 2020, I didn't want to wait till I could afford a substantial amount of land or own my own home to start practicing permaculture. I wanted to practice permaculture in my own apartment. I wanted to contribute to global sustainability efforts despite living in an urban city surrounded by gas-guzzling cars, concrete towers, and plastic.

I centered my permaculture final design on practicing permaculture in my own apartment. I started the blog by documenting my own experiments and what went wrong. For example, I'm the first to make bokashi compost into soil in an apartment. I successfully made mushrooms at home, made vermicompost, and grew plants alongside fish (aquaponics).

As I continue to document what I've learned, I hope to encourage others who live in small spaces or apartments to try regenerative practices. This website isn't just about indoor gardening, it's about easy eco-friendly swaps, sustainability, growing food, food preservation techniques, aquaponics, vermicomposting, growing mushrooms, composting, and much more.

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