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  • Naomi Stephens | Permaculture Designer

Best Plant Containers for Apartment Gardening.

Nowadays, people are living in small areas such as apartments and are thriving with their indoor jungle.

Growing different plants indoors can be relatively easy. You can find potting mixes at local stores or online stores, which will help you grow your garden full of lively plants.

However, one of the most important things in apartment gardening is the container you grow in. The container you choose needs to have good drainage so that the plant's roots do not rot. You also have to make sure that the pot or container does not end up getting too heated when sitting in the sun, this is often the problem with plastic containers, and for that reason, it doesn't make this list.

Lucky for you, there is a wide range of pots and containers available for growing plants. Here are some of the best plant containers you could use when starting your garden or container plants.

1. Pressed Paper Containers

These types of containers are an ideal choice for growing vegetables. Pressed paper containers improve aeration in plants while also letting the roots of the plants thrive. They also insulate the roots of the plants from changes in temperatures. This helps in protecting plants from being harmed or stressed. Another great thing about these containers is that they happen to have a wax lining that increases their lifespan nowadays. They happen to be biodegradable too, which means they are environmentally friendly. However, they do need to be changed every year.

2. Wood Containers

Wood containers happen to be very lightweight. They also retain water very well, which ensures that your plants get sufficient amounts of water. Moreover, they do not dry out quickly under high temperatures or crack easily in cold weather. The only problem with wood containers is that they can rot. Thus, if you choose to grow your plants in wood containers, opt for one made out of cedar or redwood since they are resistant to rotting. You could also use containers made out of other softwoods as long as they are painted over with non-toxic paint to prevent rotting.

3. Terra-Cotta

Terra-cotta is a type of porous clay and has an earthy colour that complements just about every setting. Due to the porous characteristic, the pots made out of terra-cotta happen to breathe well. As a result, the roots of the plants remain healthy as excess water is taken away from them while the soil around them remains cool. These pots come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find one perfect for your plant relatively easily. The only issues with terra-cotta pots are that they are fragile in the manner that they dry out very rapidly in hot temperatures and can crack due to hard frost.


Each of the different types of plant containers has its benefits and drawbacks. No matter which one you choose, make sure you can tackle its flaws so that your plants can grow nicely and healthily.

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